At 15yrs old Scott was already learning and working in TV broadcast systems. His knowledge of IT spans over 40+ years. As an innovator and designer among his accomplishments include the 1st Denver cable system, 1st wireless company in MN, Small Business Innovation Center TX and much more. Mr Provost brings to ECI a background in education, IT, and Digital Science.

Mr Provost functions as the VP of all engineering and certified systems developed by ECI. His function as chief scientist is used to determine best methods for data center operations with an emphasis on continuing process improvements, high quality and cost optimazation. In the 40 years of his experience Mr Provost has built and managed over 20 successful data centers, including several global networks consisting of mail, database, file and application servers.

Mr Provost also brings to ECI a substantial background in computer forensics, big data, Virtualization and VR. He has an excellent understanding of LAN’s, concepts and definitions, topologies, and transmission, access controls, network design, implementation and management models to ECI’s core set of enterprise skills.